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Please call 540.361.4717 or email with any questions!

About FFH Max Galaxy

FFH is partnering with Max Galaxy to bring you online software to help you manage your account, registrations and leagues. With this new software you will be able to:

    Manage your individual and family accounts
    Register and pay online for FFH offerings for all your familiy members
    See schedules and standings for league sports.
    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's):

Technical Issues

  1. When I go to register for a team it keeps telling me to login even though I am already logged in.
    Make sure that you disable pop up blocker on your browser (Internet explorer, Chrome, Firefox, etc.) If pop up blocker is enabled then it will stop the pages from loading.
    • How to Turn off popup blocker on Internet Explorer (Click Here)
    • How to Turn Off popup blocker on Firefox (Click Here)
    • How to Turn off popup blocker on Chrome (< a href="" target="new">Click Here)


  2. I keep getting the error "Does not meet the membership requirements"?
    All participants here at the Field House need to be members. Membership costs $10 and is paid annually. You will need to go to the Membership Tab and add the Membership Fee to your cart first (please ensure that the membership gets added to the person participating) then you can register for a league, team, clinic or class and proceed to checkout.
  3. Leagues
    1. How do I register a team?
      • When you go to the league your trying to register for click on register.
      • Then it will ask you if your registering a team, registering for a team, or registering as a free agent/individual. Choose Register for a team.
      • Type in the name of the team you want to add.
      • Then it will take you to the cash register where you will buy the team for $0.00 or if your league has a team fee then it will be that fee.
      • Hit submit to submit your payment and you will get an invoice with a 3-4 digit code to give your players.
    2. I registered my team but can't find the registration code for my team. Where can I find it?
      Once you buy the team then you will get an email with your invoice attached to it. Next to your team name will be the 3-4 digit registration code your players will need to register.
    3. I am trying to register for a team but I can't find my team. How do I register for a team?
      In order to register for a team your team captain/coach will need to create the team. Once they create the team they will receive a 3-4 digit code that they will need to send out to all of you in order to register. Without the code the computer will not register you and we can not register you for that team.
    4. I am the head coach/team manager of a team at the Field House. Can I see who is on my roster and email them?
      No, MaxGalaxy at its current setup doesn't allow you to see your team, other team rosters, etc. It also doesn't allow you to email your team. You will need to contact the Field House and ask for this information.
    5. Classes/Clinics/Camps

      1. I can't find the camp, clinic, or classes in MaxGalaxy that I am trying to register for.
        Try typing a keyword in the search area under registrations. If you are still having difficulties please contact us on 540.361.4717 or email

      If you did not see what you were looking for please email us at ad we will be glad to assist you.